High-Value Nutrition - A National Science Challenge

High-Value Nutrition - using research excellence to enable the transformation of New Zealand’s food and beverage industry into an exporter of high-value, scientifically-proven foods for health.



New Zealand has an outstanding international reputation as a rich source of high quality, efficiently produced and safe foods and beverages. As consumers in Asia, and around the world, increasingly seek foods with proven health benefits, New Zealand’s advantages and national capability make it a natural leader.

High-Value Nutrition harnesses New Zealand’s world-class scientific expertise to create market and industry relevant knowledge which will deliver competitive advantage to New Zealand’s food and beverage exports.



2016 High-Value Nutrition Science Symposium

The 2016 High-Value Nutrition Science Symposium profiled the High-Value Nutrition research, but also other relevant New Zealand research, and brought international speakers to give insights in the food-for-health market trends and global regulatory environment. See the full presentations here.



Regulatory workshop

International food-for-health regulations

As a satellite from its 2016 Science Symposium, High-Value Nutrition organised a workshop focused on the international regulatory aspects of food health claims. The workshop brought a business perspective and hands-on experience to the application process internationally, with an emphasis on Asia. See the full presentations here.



High-Value Nutrition announces recipients of its $7m call for food-for-health projects

High-Value Nutrition National Science Challenge has today announced a $7million research investment funding projects that build the science required to develop innovative new foods, including those that will help babies sleep through the night and better protect children against allergies...read more




Public summaries - Recipients of the 2015 High-Value Nutrition call for food-for-health projects

Consumers are increasingly aware of the risks of metabolic disease and the importance of diet in its prevention. Meat from grass-fed animals...read more



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National Science Challenge High-Value Nutrition invests $10.9m in food-for-health research

The High-Value Nutrition National Science Challenge launches its research with a $10.9million investment towards scientifically validated foods-for-health...read more



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Public summaries of the High-Value Nutrition programmes

In October 2015 High-Value Nutrition is launching its first research projects worth $10.9m, focussing on three key opportunities and two underpinning programmes of work...read more



High-Value Nutrition – Science and industry coming together to leverage food-for-health trend

Overview of the High-Value Nutrition National Science Challenge, a New Zealand research consortium focused on increasing the value of food and beverage exports through health claims.



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The National Science Challenges

The Challenges introduce a new mission-led approach to investing in scientific research in New Zealand...read more







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