The Knowledge: a one stop research shop from the Centre for High-Value Nutrition

12 April 2017
The Knowledge

The Centre for High-Value Nutrition, one of the country’s 11 National Science Challenges, has launched a research report hub, The Knowledge. 

This is a key initiative to build New Zealand’s science excellence and knowledge to deliver high-value foods to the world to help people stay healthy and well. The Knowledge brings together in one place reports commissioned by the Centre for High-Value Nutrition that will underpin future research programmes, as well as provide useful information for businesses and researchers to support the development and marketing of high value foods. The Centre for High-Value Nutrition has funded strategic research into five domains: Healthy Digestion, Enhanced Immunity, Metabolic Health, Health in Infancy and Childhood and Consumer Insights and Bioactive Food Systems, as underpinning programmes. For each of the first three domains, the Centre for High-Value Nutrition has commissioned in-depth research that covers the:

·         Market outlook

·         Regulatory environment

·         Patent landscape

The Challenge Director Joanne Todd says, ”Our aim is to make the research in The Knowledge as widely available as possible to assist New Zealand businesses and researchers identify everything from potential bioactives in food to how best to approach consumers in our key markets. Our approach is to enable New Zealand’s food sector, in science and industry, from initial research to development and export to develop foods that will lift us up the export revenue value chain.”

The Knowledge is a password-protected site. Click here to check terms of use and seek access.