Contestable Rounds

High-Value Nutrition is investing in excellent, high-impact science to develop high-value foods with validated health benefits to drive economic growth


The Contestable Fund provides a range of funding opportunities for research projects that are closely aligned to our Strategy and Mission to develop high-value foods with validated health benefits to drive economic growth.  

The primary objective for the Contestable Fund is to introduce new research ideas and teams into the Challenge that will leverage HVN capabilities developed during Tranche 1 to deliver excellent, high-impact science across our four priority health areas of Metabolic, Digestive, Immune and Infant Health.

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Available Funding

Contestable Fund Allocation$
2019 Contestable Round$4,500,000
2020 and 2021 Contestable Rounds$6,200,000
Total $10,700,000

Available Grants

The Contestable Fund includes a range of funding opportunities to allow for multiple entry points for F&B industry partners, products and research projects that are at different stages of development:

Grant TypeIndicative FundingIndicative Term
Seed< $100,000< 12 months
Explorer< $250,000< 24 months
Project< $500,000< 24 months
Programme< $1,000,000< 36 months

All Contestable Fund research projects are required to attract a minimum of 40% co-funding from industry (cash and in-kind).  

Eligible Applicants

Applications to the Contestable Fund will need to be submitted by a New Zealand-based research organisation (or legal entity representing a New Zealand-based research organisation) in partnership with one or more F&B businesses.  The term ‘research organisation’ has the same meaning as set out in the 2019 Endeavour Fund guidelines: ” research organisation means an organisation that has sufficient internal capability for carrying out research, science or technology, or related activities”

Application Criteria

Successful applicants will need to demonstrate: 

  • excellence (Science, Team, Vision Mātauranga)
  • impact (Benefit to NZ, Implementation Pathway, Vision Mātauranga)
  • alignment to the HVN Mission and Strategic Plan
  • alignment to at least one priority health area
  • alignment to the objectives for the Contestable Fund.

It is also expected that applicants will demonstrate a strong commitment to working with the HVN Science Leadership Team to leverage the capabilities developed during Tranche 1.

Vision Mātauranga

As part of our commitment to the principles of Vision Mātauranga (a government policy designed to give strategic direction to research of relevance to Māori), a key focus for HVN is to work in partnership with innovative Māori-owned F&B entities looking to increase exports based on validated food-health relationships.  We are also strongly committed to the development of Māori research capability and leadership in food and beverage innovation.

F&B Industry Partnership

All applicants will need to demonstrate early and meaningful engagement with F&B industry partners by providing an executed Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with their proposal that addresses key issues, including:

  • arrangements for management and commercialisation of intellectual property
  • Access and Benefit Sharing (ABS) arrangements for any Mātauranga Māori that is proposed for inclusion in the project
  • industry co-funding (cash and in-kind) to be provided for the project
  • agreement to work with HVN to develop case studies to document the impact of the research.


The Request for Proposals (RFP) for the Contestable Fund will open on 20 May 2019 and will close on 1 July 2019.  The outcome of applications will be announced in September 2019.

How to Prepare


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Essential Documents

Access the RFP Essential Documents