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HVN Contestable Fund RFP (Version 2, September 2019)

Version 2 of the RFP for the Contestable Fund was issued on 16 September 2019. The main updates under Version 2 are:

  1. the structure of the Core Fund has been amended from three annual rounds in 2019, 2020 and 2021 to an ‘open until fully subscribed’ status. This means that Proposals for all three Funds can now be submitted at any time throughout the year until the Funds are fully subscribed. Proposals will be assessed on a quarterly basis by the Assessment Panel in accordance with our Review and Assessment Process; and
  2. the Flexible Process previously limited to the Māori and Emerging F&B Funds is now also available for the Core Fund. This means that Eligible Respondents can now submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) for any of the three Funds prior to submitting a Full Proposal. Submitting an EOI provides forward guidance to the Governance Board of upcoming Proposals, which will be taken into consideration when allocating Grants.Read more about HVN National Science Challenge Contestable Funding opportunities.

Assessment Dates

Proposals for the Contestable Fund are assessed on a quarterly basis in accordance with the Review and Assessment Process outlined in Section A.7 of the RFP, with the Assessment Panel dates aligned to the Governance Board meeting schedule.

The key dates for the next Governance Board meetings are detailed below.  If you are considering submitting a Proposal in 2020, it is recommended to contact the HVN Directorate at email: hvn@auckland.ac.nz to discuss key dates.

Date Proposals due to HVN Directorate – 22 October 2020
HVN Governance Board Meeting Date – 3 December 2020


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