International Science Advisory Panel visits New Zealand

27 Apr, 2018

The Challenge hosted the three current members of the Science Advisory Panel Chair Professor Sean Strain, Professor Nancy Krebs and Professor Philip Calder for an intensive two and a half day workshop with the Challenge’s Science Leadership Team. The workshop was the opportunity for a series of deep dives into the Challenge research programmes.

A particular highlight, said Chief Scientist Professor Martin Kussmann was the workshop’s development of a series of strong opportunities for cross-theme linkages and ideas to build on research capability to enhance New Zealand high-value foods eco-system. He said,” This was an important opportunity. As the first tranche of funding concludes and we prepare for the midway review process for all the National Science Challenges, it was imperative that we have the Science Advisory Panel here to give a strong assessment of the direction we will take for the next five years of the Challenge mission.”

Professor Sean Strain, Professor Nancy Krebs and Professor Philip Calder, graciously agreed to deliver a three-part public lecture Food for thought: New avenues in nutrition research, to a packed lecture theatre at the Faculty of Medical Sciences and Health, University of Auckland on 9 April. Professor Krebs spoke about the surprisingly high risk and impact of iron deficiency in American toddlers, while Professor Calder canvassed the latest research on how to lift levels of Omega 3 fats to reduce cardiovascular disease risk.

Unfortunately, we are not able to post Professor Strain’s talk.

Food for Thought lecture hosted by High-Value Nutrition: (from left) Philip Calder, Nancy Krebs, Martin Kussmann, Frank Bloomfield, Sean Strain, Joanne Todd.