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The Knowledge is the Challenge resource hub to support the high-value foods sector, whether in research or industry. The Knowledge is the place to find the Scanning the Horizon reports and other Challenge commissioned research on market intelligence, regulatory regimes and patent landscapes

Welcome to High-Value Nutrition Ko Ngā Kai Whai Painga National Science Challenge


High-Value Nutrition Ko Ngā Kai Whai Painga is a New Zealand National Science Challenge.

Our mission is to grow the science excellence and knowledge New Zealand needs to produce and deliver food  and nutrition to the world to help people stay healthy and well.






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A Systems Nutrition Approach

The Challenge brings together multi-disciplinary, multi-institutional teams with a systems-level view on the networks in the human body, our environment and society. The research is the basis for the development and delivery of validated high-value foods for health and well-being Learn more about our science. Read our HVN newsletters.

Vision Mātauranga

Our Vision Mātauranga strategy guides research investment to align with mātauranga/ knowledge and supports Māori innovation  and opportunities to develop and deliver high-value foods for health and wellbeing. Read more…

Introducing the High-Value Nutrition National Science Challenge