The National Science Challenges end on 30 June 2024 after 10 years of mission-led research. As HVN prepares to close our doors, our focus is on providing access to the research and insights from the last decade.

Metadata catalogue

Information about all HVN clinical trials and projects, including information about accessing data for future research, is publicly available on the HVN Figshare metadata catalogue.

Publication database

A database of publications generated as a result of HVN funding will be available on Figshare.

Insights for the F&B Industry

You can find a range of tools and resources for the Food and Beverage Industry on Figshare:

  • Consumer insights
  • Novel food application tool
  • Patent landscape reports
  • IP Strategy Roadmap
  • Regulatory reports
  • Support for F&B businesses

The Knowledge resource hub will be closed, with content freely available on Figshare.

Social media

HVN’s Science Leadership Team will manage our LinkedIn page from September 2024. Keep following the page for updates and news – and a new name.

You can watch videos, including webinar recordings, on our YouTube channel.

HVN’s Twitter (X) account will be deleted.


The University of Auckland will host our website, where you can continue to access information about our research.

Apart from a few minor updates, the content will be ‘frozen’ from September 2024.

Annual reports

Copies of our annual report are available on the HVN website and Figshare.

The 2023–24 Annual Report will be available on the HVN website and Figshare in the coming weeks.

What next for the HVN Directorate?

Professor Richard Mithen, Chief Scientist. Richard is writing a biographical novel of the botanist William Botting Hemsley with the provisional title Dear Mr Cheeseman… .

Joanne Todd, Challenge Director. Joanne will be leaving the University of Auckland at the end of August. She hopes to continue to work with many of the networks HVN has developed, through consulting, project management, or participating on advisory or governance boards. If you know of any opportunities please feel free to contact her through LinkedIn, or on her mobile phone number which will remain the same.

Dr Jane Mullaney, Vision Mātauranga Leader. Jane will continue as senior scientist at AgResearch, Adjunct Senior Researcher at Massey University and Associate Investigator at the Riddet Institute. Jane will work to support Vision Mātauranga within the newly-formed High-Value Nutrition network.

Dr Helen Madden, Research Operations Manager. Helen will return to her role as Research Programme Manager for the University of Auckland’s Faculty of Science from 1 September.

Treena Brown, Senior Marketing and Communications Advisor. Treena is on a fixed-term contract until the end of August and is looking for her next communications or content role. Connect with her on LinkedIn.

Eleanor Surtida, Executive Assistant. Eleanor will continue in her part-time role as Group Services Coordinator at the University of Auckland’s Faculty of Medical Health and Sciences.