Bringing together top research and supporting the high-value foods ecosystem

High-Value Nutrition Ko Ngā Kai Whai Painga invests in three areas: Food for Health research with a shared Systems Nutrition approach; Capacity Building to support the high-value food sectors; and special reports to inform the future of food for New Zealand

Systems Nutrition

Our System Nutrition research focuses on understanding biological processes as complex integrated systems. Our food for health research themes represent critical public health issues worldwide and in China, our main target market

Vision Mātauranga

Our Vision Mātauranga strategy guides research investment to align with mātauranga/knowledge and supports Māori innovation  and opportunities to develop and deliver high-value foods for health and wellbeing

Digestive Health

Assembling the puzzle of functional gut disorders and defining Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

Immune Health

Using food and a focus on the microbiome to protect against respiratory illness.

Infant Health

Identifying complementary weaning foods to boost infant immune systems.

Metabolic Health

Earlier diagnosis and better management of pre-diabetes

Capacity Building

The Challenge has an important role to enhance and focus New Zealand’s high-value foods eco-system.


Consumer Insights

Discovering how consumers think and feel about food and health

Science of Food

Delivering the right foods in the best format to deliver health benefits

Special Projects

Building the knowledge for the sector and its markets.