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Could NZ grass-fed wagyu beef protect against heart disease?

As barbeque season gets into full swing, New Zealand researchers are investigating whether certain kinds of red meat could actually protect against heart disease. Researchers have recruited men aged 35-55 willing to eat free meat three times a week for eight weeks...

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Registration open for Chinese Consumer Insight workshops

Plant and Food Research and High Value Nutrition National Science Challenge are hosting an interactive workshop to deliver the consumer insights gained from the latest research trip to Chinese, where our researchers spoke with consumers living with immune health...

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Foodomics 2019

Foodomics 2019 is where the country’s researchers and businesses taking premium foods for health and wellbeing to the world gather to collaborate, learn about the latest research and opportunities and network.
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International Science Advisory Panel visits New Zealand

The Challenge hosted the three current members of the Science Advisory Panel Chair Professor Sean Strain, Professor Nancy Krebs and Professor Philip Calder for an intensive two and a half day workshop with the Challenge’s Science Leadership Team
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Workshops offer insight to inform 5-year science plan

High-Value Nutrition has completed a successful stakeholder planning project, with 114 participants offering their insight and perspective on the Challenge’s science direction for the next five years at a series of workshops held late last year.
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