Vision Mātauranga

Vision Mātauranga seeks to unlock the potential of Māori knowledge, resources and people through science and innovation.

Māori owned assets in the primary industry, and associated emerging food and beverage businesses, are an important part of Māori achieving their economic development goals.

High-Value Nutrition is focused on working with innovative Māori-owned food and beverage businesses which are aligned with the High-Value Nutrition mission to develop options for growing exports of high-value products with validated health benefits. High-Value Nutrition will also invest in the development of researcher capability to grow the capacity of Māori in this sector

In addition High-Value Nutrition is committed to ensuring there are strong Māori voices involved in its activities at all levels—research, management, advisory boards and governance.

High-Value Nutrition is also engaged with entrepreneurial Māori food and beverage companies to bring Māori-based innovation into its activities.