Public Summary

Principal Investigator: Dr Odette Shaw, Plant & Food Research | Rangahau Ahumāra Kai
Collaborating Organisations: Anagenix (Industry Partner)
High-Value Nutrition funding: $651,553

BerriQi – Delivering immune defence

There is potential for a patented New Zealand boysenberry and apple formulation to help the immune system protect the body against pollutant-mediated lung inflammation in humans. Air pollution in large Asian cities is a significant consumer concern and a human health threat. Exploratory studies have identified that boysenberries can modulate airway inflammatory pathways in response to noxious stimuli, supporting tissue repair and reducing lung fibrosis. Formulating boysenberries with apple, BerriQi®, gave superior outcomes.

HVN provides an opportunity for Plant & Food Research, in collaboration with Anagenix, to further research and develop the BerriQi® product supporting lung immune function from these New Zealand-grown fruits.

The aim is to assess the efficacy of the BerriQi® ingredient, formulated into a novel beverage product. Using a systems biology approach, links between the diet, microbiome and immune system will help uncover mechanisms of action of BerriQi® and allow further future research. The project will transform apple and boysenberry – a little known niche fresh fruit – into a high-value premium functional food product. The combination of high-quality scientific evidence with strong New Zealand branding, Anagenix, supported by Plant and Food Research and HVN, is well placed to significantly lift the value and volume of BerriQi® exports.


Research team

Odette Shaw

Dr Odette Shaw

Odette is an immunologist in the Nutrition & Health group at Plant & Food Research. Her research interests include innate immune modulation by dietary polyphenolics with a particular focus on macrophage activation, and respiratory health.

Dr Shaw has published over 20 peer-reviewed manuscripts on inflammation, tissue repair and the immune system.