Public Summary

Principal investigators: Dr David Musson, University of Auckland
Industry partner: SeaDragon
High-Value Nutrition funding: $308,498


A New Zealand-sourced, omega-3-rich food for reducing markers of inflammation


This project explores the potential anti-inflammatory benefits of a new omega-3-rich food developed by New Zealand oil refiner, SeaDragon.

Excess and unresolved inflammation play a key role in many chronic diseases like cardiovascular disease, arthritis, and diabetes. This project will explore in a clinical study whether consuming an omega-3-rich food product every day will reduce inflammation.

This research builds on High-Value Nutrition’s objective to demonstrate the health benefits of certain New Zealand foods to a global market.

The research team includes leading academics across multiple fields and institutes. They will work with industry partner SeaDragon to ensure this project is well-designed and executed. 

Research outcomes will be presented internationally to raise awareness of the anti-inflammatory benefits of this New Zealand-based food product. This will provide an exciting opportunity to convey the product’s ability to decrease systemic inflammation and improve consumers’ health and wellbeing across the world.

Research team

Dr David Musson