IDP® for Enhancing the Gut Barrier

Public Summary


Industry Partner: Quantec

IDP® is a novel New Zealand dairy formulation that is used as the key ingredient in several food and beverage (F&B) products currently being sold in China and other parts of Asia. IDP® was developed and commercialised by the Waikato-based company Quantec, which markets this product as ‘health promoting’ due to its demonstrated anti-inflammatory and antioxidative properties. In our recent HVN-funded seeding project (IDP® for Digestive Health), we showed that IDP® was able to enhance intestinal barrier function in vitro, providing evidence that IDP® may be able to confer digestive health benefits to its consumers. Building on this seeding project, we propose to investigate the digestive health benefits of consuming IDP®, and the underlying mechanisms of health, in two double-blind, placebo-controlled, randomised clinical trials, and in in vitro experiments. In collaboration with our Industry Partner Quantec, we will:

1. Determine the ability of IDP® to mitigate intestinal barrier dysfunction in healthy adults (Objective 1). 4

2. Investigate the effects of IDP® on barrier dysfunction caused by inflammation using in vitro models (Objective 2).

3. Pending a successful outcome in Objectives 1 and 2, investigate correlations between improved intestinal barrier function and the levels of specific metabolic and/or immune biomarkers in consumers of IDP® (Objective 3).

The effects of IDP® on barrier dysfunction in healthy individuals will be determined using an exercise model[1, 2] that has previously been used to study effects of dietary components on intestinal permeability[3-5] . These in vivo human intervention studies will be carried out in collaboration with the Massey University School of Sport, Exercise and Nutrition (A/Prof Barnes).

This body of work aligns well with the mission of HVN as it helps build the science and knowledge needed to support a uniquely New Zealand food that people would choose to enhance their health and wellbeing. To continue their growth trajectory and achieve export and sales targets in a competitive Asian market, Quantec have identified a need to develop F&B products with validated digestive health benefits. Thus, by enabling us to carry out the proposed research plan, the requested funding would aid insight-driven product development linked to scientific validation and product development strategies, adding value to a New Zealand Food & Beverage business, as per the HVN Outcomes Framework.