HVN Industry Advisory Panel member Mahara Inglis recently featured in an article in the National Business Review titled ‘The mission to improve the world’s mitochondria’. In the article Mr Inglis talks about his first year in the role as Chief Executive of MitoQ and outlines the impact that Covid-19 had on MitoQ’s business and the immediate and long-term effect of the global pandemic.

He says: “Covid has impacted the company in two ways: the immediate and the long term. The immediate impact we had, like many others, was supply chain issues – it was getting the product offshore, it was making sure we could keep producing and supplying.

“The second, longer-term impact has been that as Covid has reshaped the world, many consumers have become much more focused on pro-active health … and MitoQ, as a cell health company, has been one of those at the forefront of holistic wellbeing.”

Article by Dita De Boni. Source: National Business Review, 14 June 2021.