Aquaculture pens in Banks Peninsula, Canterbury.

New Zealand International Science Festival

Friday 7 July: 5.30–7.30pm

Petridish, Dunedin

HVN Challenge Director Joanne Todd will be joined by a panel from four of our sister National Science Challenges as they address the question: how can New Zealand move towards a food system that contributes positively to health, wellbeing, the economy and the environment?

The panel will discuss the current state of our food systems on land and at sea, and talk about what research is being undertaken to drive positive change.


Dr Jenny Webster-Brown, Our Land & Water National Science Challenge
Joanne Todd, High Value Nutrition National Science Challenge
Dr Julie Hall, Sustainable Seas National Science Challenge
Dr Phil Wiles, Deep South National Science Challenge
Prof Cliona Ni Mhurchu, Healthier Lives National Science Challenge


Niki Bezzant

The panel is part of a programme of more than 90 Festival events happening across Dunedin from 30 June–9 July. Find out more about the New Zealand International Science Festival.