The vitality and sustainability of the Aotearoa New Zealand food and beverage (F&B) sector is of critical importance to the New Zealand economy, and to the health of the New Zealand population. HVN has appointed a science leadership team to deliver a new, long-term, multi-centre, randomised controlled dietary intervention programme, called He Rourou Whai Painga, to provide evidence that a dietary pattern that includes high quality New Zealand F&B products offers health benefits to consumers and their families.

The programme name, He Rourou Whai Painga, refers to a basket of nourishing, high-value food and reflects both the Māori name gifted to HVN (Ko Ngā Kai Whai Painga) and a well-known whakataukī:

Nāku te rourou, nāu te rourou, ka ora ai te iwi
With my contribution and yours, the people will thrive.

Read about He Rourou Whai Painga information for industry, and how we intend to ensure that this work provides benefit for our F&B industry partners, both domestically and in overseas markets.

If you are interested in participating in He Rourou Whai Painga or in obtaining further information, please contact Dr Meika Foster ( or Professor Richard Gearry (

We will be inviting businesses who are interested in He Rourou Whai Painga to attend a meeting (likely via videoconference) in late October 2021 to discuss development of the narrative and communication plan for the study.

Please note: An expression of interest does not guarantee acceptance as there will be criteria for participation.