HVN is supporting a collaborative research project into Mamaku Whakaoraora, an indigenous tree fern, led by Dr John Monro, Principal Scientist at Plant & Food Research.

Mamaku Whakaoraora will provide an evidence-based foundation for establishing Mamaku (Cyathia medullaris, tree fern) as a highly functional natural food, with an indigenous whakapapa, and a strong capacity to improve a range of metabolic and gut health conditions.

The project exemplifies the HVN strategy of supporting Māori through working with Māori businesses on the development and validation of high-value foods, which will lead to economic growth. An important aim of the research is to form a bi-cultural research collaboration that address the needs of Māori (and by extension non Māori), and communicates the value of a research partnership that is of relevance to Māori.

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