High-Value Nutrition is in the limelight this week, with the National Science Challenge researchers and collaborators profiled extensively in a Listener feature article on gut health, entitled ‘Mapping the second brain’. 

  The article features Professor Rob Knight (pictured), ­­Julian Mellentin and Laureate Professor Nick Talley who are all Keynote speakers at the Foodomics 2019 conference to be held on 9-11 April at the Cordis Hotel in Auckland.

Rob discusses recent results from the American Gut Project and the importance of a diverse plant-based diet for optimal gut health, while Nick discusses the links between food, immune responses and irritable bowel syndrome.

New Nutrition Business founder Julian Mellentin unpacks the global megatrend towards digestive wellness and highlights the importance of consumer insights and scientific evidence when positioning foods with valued health benefits.

Dr Richard Gearry and AgResearch Principal Scientist Nicole Roy are featured extensively and discuss the exciting implications of results from the HVN Digestive Health programme.

Check out this week’s Listener to get some insight to what you might experience and learn at Foodomics 2019.